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Free Bacon at Rosewood Farm

By Rosewood Farm, May 3 2016 11:45PM

It’s been a few weeks since I last sat down to write a blog, and it’s been a busy month with lambing, calving and preparing for turn out (if it would ever stop raining and allow the Ings to drain!). However, this week I’m going to talk about something other than food, the environment or wildlife.

Rosewood Farm isn’t the most modern of places; recycled materials comes into just about everything we do from packaging to the livestock buildings. That said neither do we have the ‘traditional’ layout of brick barns, reminiscent of a Constable painting. Not that any post-land enclosure farm buildings would fit into a scene from England in 1380, which is exactly where Tales of Bacon is set.

Ted, our resident ox, first met Natalie Roe (yes, you read that right!) the director & co-creator of Tales of Bacon, on his first film set back in 2012. The film in question is yet to air, but, thanks to the concept of the ‘webseries’, his latest venture has been much quicker to come to our screens. Filming of this York-based series began in Spring 2015, with some scenes shot here on the farm, and follows the travels of Thaddeus Bacon, a pardoner, and his encounters with, among others, a young noblewoman and a mysterious knight. The pilot episode, where we meet Ted & his Mistress, is available to view now online;

The series will be available free to view online, with three episodes already in production, and another three planned, ‘Bacon now needs your help to finish the series via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Some amazing amounts of work goes into making authentic costumes and props, which really help to deliver the carefully crafted script in an amusing yet believable way. You don’t need to spend hours standing in a Yorkshire woodland freezing your tunics off to help out though (that’s what the actors are not paid for) but you certainly can if you want to do a sponsored bacon-a-thon. No, from as little as £5 for a lowly serf you can help keep the medieval comedy roadtrip on the road and get your name in the credits, or pay a bit more and bag yourself a sainthood with a plethora of pardons.

There are plenty of good reasons to help make 'Bacon but the perks are just the icing on the pasty. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth supporting just to keep the laughs coming.

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