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Dexter Beef Fillet

£27.30 (Sold out)

Grassfed Dexter Beef dry-aged Dexter Beef Fillet piece for cutting into steaks or using whole.

The Fillet or Beef Tenderloin, runs along the underside of the sirloin and yields some of the most tender meat. This is because it doesn't actually do  in the living animal, and as such it is highly prized, but we find it overrated so we sell it at the same price as our steaks. Fillet pieces are cut into two or three pieces which can be sliced into steaks or baked as a Beef Wellington 9nobody really knows why it is callled 'wellington, but one thing's for sure - it's not because it resembles chewing an old boot!).

Total minimum order of 5kg for national & (free) local delivery.

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A donation will be made to the Friends of the Lower Derwent Valley with every order

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