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What can you buy from Rosewood Farm?

In recent years our farm has changed radically.  In the past we were just trying to survive, but thanks to our dedication to sustainability, mini cows and adapting to our grass rather than the other way around, we were drafted in to graze the precious Lower Derwent Valley SSSI National Nature Reserve in an effort to boost biodiversity.  It's worked really well, as you'll see in our Instagram account, & we are primarily regeneration agriculture conservationists now.


But we really need your help to keep this going.  We need a sustainable income to support the herd and ensure this work is continued in future, by us and our successors, so that this precious habitat is never allowed to deteriorate again.  Not only that, but our success provides a model and encouragement to others, and if you make the market big enough (and only if...) others will follow - YOU hold the keys to the future of our food supply!


The very best way to support us is to buy our 100% grassfed beef and mutton (we deliver all over the uk for free). Nothing is wasted however; you can also fill your home with luxurious and durable lifetime-investment cowhides from our cattle, processed entirely in Great Britain, and organically tanned, "lying-on-a-cloud" sheepskins from our sheep.  


Our sheep also yield a range of woollen products, everything from raw fleece to washed and carded batts ideal for peg looming or stuffing, to finished ready-to-knit yarn.  We like to support native breeds: our flock is specifically bred for our conditions and needs, blending Kerry Hill, Derbyshire Gritstones, Shetlands & Wensleydales.  We plan to start milking our sheep soon and will add a range of dairy and sheep-based cosmetics in our 'Natural Ewe' range too.

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